By Prince Golez The Climate Change Commission praised President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s commitment to climate flexibility and sustainability in all social and infrastructure projects. President and Executive Director Robert Borje is an open joint and instructions about the vision of a climate smart and climate -resistant Philippines. On May 22, Marcos Jr. The Philippine Development Plan for 2023-2028 Chapter 15 reflects the commitment and loyalty of the Philippine government to increasing the climate change and its effects of the nation's general elasticity, and gives premiums between the government and the government and the government and between the government.Borje said Tuesday. In the 15th part of the PDP, it aims to accelerate climate action and disaster flexibility, communities, institutions and natural and built environment, to be more durable for the effects of natural and climate change until 2028. For 2023, P453.1 billion P453.1 billion was labeled for climate change by national government institutions for adaptation and mitigation programs. This represented an increase of 56 percent of the P289.7 billion budget last year, “President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.As stated by the transformative climate change agenda is an indication of the priority of the management given to the agenda. ” The Philippines ranked first among 193 countries in 2022, the World Risk Index, and showed our vulnerability to our country's climate change. RELATED NEWS