Jake zyrus.Instagram masamune257, jakezyrusmusic Manıla - Jake Zyrus announced on Tuesday that he took a break from social media. In an Instagram article, the singer said that "he will stay away from social media to focus on my mental health for a few weeks." "This was a difficult journey. A lot of people tried to break me, so that's my healing," he said. "I know it won't be easy, but I know you'll help me a lot." "If you are looking for a sign to take a break because there is a lot for you, that's what it is. Let's do it together." In June 2021, Zyrus opened his past and all the pain he had to endure. The singer, who was a trans man in 2017, said that he was still grateful for Charice and all his experiences. Related Video Gotopnews.com