No Gay Marriage in the Socia Draft Law approved by the Parliament Panel In accordance with the Act of Socia, it is accepted and punished as a discriminatory practice in the media, in the media, educational books and other environments on the basis of cooling. Manıla, the Philippines - a measure aimed at prohibiting discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or gender characteristics prevented the Assembly's Women and Gender Sexuality Committee.The draft law, which will be discussed at the General Assembly, clearly states that no permission to marry is not a discriminatory behavior. This came after a series of trials, where evangelical groups and organizations supporting measures, which have reservations to the bill, discussed the issues that have already been brought to the agenda in past congresses.These include concerns about respect for freedom of religion, concerns about necrophilia and pedophilia, and others as well as gay marriage with cooling discrimination. The Family Law states that the marriages in the Philippines are "a special permanent unity agreement between a man and a woman who is entered in accordance with the law for the establishment of marriage and family life". On Tuesday, the representative Arlene Broas , who approved that the bill was approved by the panel, evaluated this as a "LGBTQI community for a long time to enact the law that will prohibit all kinds of discrimination and harassment." "We believe that every member of the LGBTQI community has the right to benefit from equal rights or worrying in education, work, health services and other fields," Broasin said, speaking in the Philippine.said. The measure combines eight bills that are opened by Brosas and try to protect individuals with a higher risk of exposure to human rights violations on the basis of SOGIESC, which includes various people from marginal communities such as disabled people.People with low socio-economic status, poor children, people with indigenous peoples. In accordance with the SociESC bill approved by the Assembly, rejecting a person's application for a marriage certificate is not considered as a discriminatory practice. The bill, in particular, thinks that the application or cancellation for a professional or other similar type of license, permission, certificate or other similar documents except for marriage permit issued by the government due to the SOGESC of the applicant is a discriminatory. Related No, the cooler bill will not legalize necrofi, pedophilia |The cooler bill will not prohibit Bible beliefs about LGBTs Discriminator Applications Other verbs, which are considered as “discriminatory practice” within the scope of the bill, are as follows The media has the effect of encouraging, encouraging and maintaining stigmatization against any person or group on the basis of SOGIESC, or advertising, producing and publishing in the media, educational textbooks and other environments Preventing access to public services on the basis of SOGIESC Including the criteria of the employees' recruitment, promotion or dismissal, as well as the criteria of any action related to their access to business opportunities, as well as disclosure of the person's coolc Not to accept a person to any education or training institution on the basis of the coolc or guardians or guardians of their savings or their guardians, regardless of academic qualities On the basis of a person's Sociiesc 10 public or public medical or private medical and other health services to prevent access to access Whether or not it is made in good faith, it is not known by the relevant persons and that it is made in bad faith or motivated by the primary desire for commercial profit; Religious speeches or a religious ritual, ceremonial or activity, embarrassment, humiliation, smear, or discriminatory practices against different cooiescs that tend to normalize or provoke the commission to make public speeches and actions or practices that cause them to scare their self -confidence or lose their self -confidence; A counter -measure was stopped in the Senate after the majority leader Joel Villanueva took action to send the Draft Draft Draft to the Committee on February 8. The Rules Committee has the authority to judge on the order of the Senate Calendar and the draft law to be taken into consideration. Related Villanuevas in Congress took action to postpone the bill of cooler equality Broas also called on the Congress to pass both rooms to spend the draft CoLagiesc, which he said was the key to addressing discrimination against the LGBTQI community. "We hope that the House of Representatives and Senate members will spend this important law in the Philippine community to listen to the call of the Philippine people as soon as possible to address long -term discrimination against LGBTQI."