Pope Francis gives a blessing while holding the weekly general viewer in St. Peter Square in the Vatican on May 24, 2023. Pope Francis, during the weekly spectator, the Bible 'fullness, beauty and can be preaching ... Catholic Church and the best of the Chinese society' called. The Vatican City - Pope Francis called for freedom of worship for Catholics in China, a religious minority that faced historical harassment and persecution in the communist country and caused friction between the Vatican and Beijing in the communist country. During the weekly audience, Francis called on prayers for the Bible that he could be preaching for the goodness of the Catholic Church and the Chinese society in his “fullness, beauty and freedom of the Bible. Reminding that there was a World Prayer Day for the Church in China on May 24, Pontiff said that he was “close to our brothers in China” and that he offers a special idea to everyone who suffers, to the priests and those who are loyal. China's constitution declares freedom of belief, but in fact the officially atheist power Communist Party is strictly relieved on religious activities. The relations between the Vatican and the Communist China have been difficult for decades, but in 2018, the two sides reached a historical and controversial agreement on the appointment of Roman Catholic bishops in China. The agreement was an offer between a loyal underground herd to the Pope and a state -supported official church to facilitate a long -standing division throughout China. For the first time since the 1950s, both sides of the PopeHe recognized it as the leader. Critics say that the temporary and confidential agreement caused China's authoritarian government to seduce the Vatican and did not significantly improve the conditions of the Catholics there. Last month, the Vatican said that the Chinese authorities have unilaterally appointed Shanghai a new bishop with a clear violation of the bilateral agreement between the two states renewed in the last October.- Rappler Gotopnews.com