Metro Manıla - The Assembly Women and Gender Equality Committee approved the bill of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or gender characteristics . The approval of the panel was approved by the Gabriela Party List Representative Arlene Broas on Tuesday after discussing the Committee Technical Working Group report. The report combined the laws of the parliament numbered 222, 460, 3418, 3702, 4277, 5551, 6003 and 7036 and other proposed measures aiming to prohibit the discrimination on the basis of Sociesc. "This is a step towards a long time to enact law against all types of discrimination and harassment against the LGBTQI community," Broas said in a statement.Said. "Nanintian kami na karapatan ng bawat miyembro ng LGBTQI NA MAKATAMASA NG Pantay Na Karapatan Sa Edukasyon, Trabaho, Serbitiong Kalusgan, Pangamba iba Pa ng walang Takot," he added. [Translation We decide that each member of the LGBTQI community has the right to have fair rights without fear of education, business, health services and others.] Several sectors expressed their concerns about the speed of the bill of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Read Transsexual Deputy Sogie Bill tactics are delayed, desperate, helpless Joel Villanueva, the majority leader of the Senate, accused Sociesc Bill Advocates of working on the legalization of homosexual marriage in the country. Brosas hopes to pay attention to the "call of the Philippine people" by referring to the long -standing discrimination against LGBTQI in the Philippine community "in the" call of the Philippine people ".