A Quezon City Court ordered the arrest of a priest for a complaint against him by a former Joint Justice and Elections Commission . Former Sandanbayan Auxiliary Justice and former Comlec President Harriet Demetriou claimed that Father Winston was malignant of all Grace and mediatrix. In a single -page order signed by the President Judge Madonna Echiverri of the Quezon City Regional Supreme Court of Appeals Branch, he found enough evidence to imply the bully for violating Article 133 of the Reviewed Penal Code, which was sentenced to four penalties before the court.And one day to six years of imprisonment. Echiverri's order was signed on May 8, 2013, but recently released into the media. Cabading, one of the exorcists in the Manila Archbishop, is also an educator at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Santo Tomas . news I accept that I have read and accepted the conditions of service and privacy policy, register with a E -Posta address, register for the daily bulletins of Manila Times. In his complaint, Demetriou, the Catholic Adan of "MediaTrix", accused Cabading of being Mary's extreme critic. "All Grace's Mediatrix's Mediatrix in 1948, Batangas, a Marian appearance in the Monastery of Batangas," he said. Moreover, as a candidate for the survey body, he claimed that Cabading was a victim of the claim of "Blashmous tolerance", and therefore he was entitled to a criminal case in front of a criminal case. Demetriou also attacked the allegations that Cabading was a 1951 Lipa Diocesan decision, and the allegations that eliminated Mary's reality of 1948 appearance. Meanwhile, Father Pio C. Aclon, a bishop of Borongan Samar, says "The most important struggle for justice for Mary, MediaTrix for justice, mediatrix and ordinary but ordinary but vulnerable Mediatrix, the Catholic Church in this countryclergy and prelands. " At the same time, "abuse and persecution is a target, and because of my defense of loyal commitment to Mediatix, they try to destroy it brutally, but they do not dominate," he said. Meanwhile, the proposed bail for the temporary freedom of Cabading was determined as 18,000 P.8.000. Gotopnews.com