"Bikoy" was found guilty of lie Peter Joemel Adincula, on February 17, 2020, the Quezon City Regional Trial Court branches from 138. Manıla, the Philippines - a Manila Court found the man known as “Bikoy ılan who accused the three human rights lawyers of the then President Rodrigo Duterte of denying. In an order dated yesterday, Manila Metropolitan Supreme Court of Appeals Branch sentenced Funtila-Abugan Peter Joemel Advincula to at least three months and a day to one day and one day imprisonment. The fee was opened in February 2020 by Jose Manuel “Chel” Diokno and Lorenzo “Erin” TAñada III, 2019 opposition Senator Sayat Otso Diletso members, as well as former Supreme Supreme Court Spokesman Theodore Te. members. According to the photographs of the 16 -page decision published by Tañada on Twitter account, the court said that Advincula labeled them as “Project Sodoma” members who claim to overthrow Duterte to provoke them to the “sedition, cyber slander, cyber slander.Preventing justice." The three lawyers said that Advincula is behind the “Ang Totoong Narco-List” viral videos. In 2019, Advincula claimed that Duterte's family members were involved in illegal drug trade. Funtila-Abugan did not cause moral damage, saying that the three lawyers, whom he demanded to slander them from Advencula, was not enough to give nominal damage. “The evidence of the prosecutor's office tried to determine the elements of the crime of lying, not the legal rights of the special complaints violated as a result of the criminal action of the defendants,” he said. Together with the photos of the decision, Tañada wrote a series of tweets in the first ”“ Bikoy Guilty !!!" According to previous reports, Advincula Tañada claimed that Diokno and Te came together to plan to overthrow the Duterte government in March and May 2019. The three discussed their allegations and claimed that Diokno and Tañada had joined a forum at Ateneo de Manila University. Te, he admitted that he met Advincula, but it was to control the characterization and characterization of the flag for the flag. Based on Advincula's testimony before the Ministry of Justice, the Philippine National Police filed a conspiracy accusing to commit success against dozens of public figures, including Vice President Leni Robredo. At the end of the preliminary investigation, only 11 people were accused, including Advincula and former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. Robredo and other public figures were cleared. In November 2021, Advincula, Donsol, Sorsogon confessed to kill three islands for local tasks. Third sacrifice, Daraga, was found dead in a used clothing store in the Colonel. Gotopnews.com