Metro Manıla -A group of a fishing group demands a long-term and more sustainable program to support the strengthening of local food production, not the recommended food stamp program to address the hunger in the country. "Our light rural sectors need direct economic subsidies, do not misunderstand us," he said. "However, it would be more sustainable for Marcos administration to go beyond the solution of the group aid by applying long-term holistic programs aimed at strengthening our local agricultural-fold production." Social Welfare Secretary Rex Gatchalian announced on Tuesday that the Food Stamp program, Walang Gutom 2027, is in the design phase and that the pilot would be released during the year. The program aims to help the lowest income group and one million Philippine Family of the "Food Poor" criteria. The Filipin Statistics Authority said that the value of production in agriculture and fishing decreased by 0.1% in 2022 compared to the previous year. This is the third year of contraction in the country's agricultural production. A Social Air Station Survey found that 9.8% or about 2.7 million families in March 2023 experience involuntary hunger at least once in the last three months. This decreases higher than the widespread or pandemic seen in December 2019, but still in December 2019.