La Salle is now the owner of the biggest winning margin in the history of PBA D-League, and deletes the previous sign held by Tanduay for six years Manıla, the Philippines-Ecooil-La Salle, on Thursday, May 25 in the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig'de Adpirants' Cup with 126-43 wins, but after destroying a new PBA D-League record broke the record. The 83-point route of the green archers stands as the biggest winning margin in the PBA D-League history, and when Zark's Burgers made a 76-point shot in the 2017 Foundation Cup of 2017 Foundation Cup, it deletes the previous sign determined by Tanduay. Six players scored goals in double figures for La Salle, which rose to 4-1 to take the top with Marinerong Pilipino-San Beda and increased his offer for the first two finishes that deserved a clear semi-final point. Raven Cortez shone from the counter with 19 points and 13 rebounds for archers who ended the opening quarter with an increase of 42-10 and never looked back. Ben Phillips also threw 19 points above 4 rebounds and 2 steals, while Bright Nwankwo put 15 points, 9 rebounds and 2 blocks, Francis Escanudor fired 14 points. Mark Nonoy, who made the best use of nine minutes in court, made 13 points, 5 steals, 3 rebounds and 3 assists for La Salle. “We didn't think about the recording. "We talked about being better for us and what teams we want to play before the game before the game." Reed Baclig and Earl Ceniza received 10 points for Titans, but they coughed 13 united 13 turnover. He finished his campaign with a record of 0-6, but online undertakes 31 turnover, where La Salle turned into three more 46 points than Titan's game sum. In the opening match, Centro Escolar University survived PSP gyms in 109-107 thanks to the heroes of Ron Rei Tolentino. Tolentino stole 20 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 stepped from the bench and stole the last 4 points that saved scorpions from their jaws. A Wendell Comboy Jumper in the last minute remained 18 ticks to put Tolendino on the front seat. Tolentino, Ian Jay Yutuc'un PSP winning Trey'i free throws for 12 seconds after the free throws for the last installment divided. Victory, Scorpions rose to 3-2 to stay in the first two races and will face Red Lions on Tuesday, May 30 at the same place. Franz Diaz accelerated Ceu with 21 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds. Mark Meneses, 22 points, 21-Rebound, 6 blocks, 3 playground masterpiece, gyms, 2-4'a lowering the loss of the sixth in the sixth place saw. Comboy had 19 points and 5 assists, and he made 15 assists for his former Leton star Fran Yu PSP. Scores First game CEU 109 - Diaz 21, Tolentino 20, Santos 16, Balogun 15, Anagbogu 12, Bernabe 9, Cabothete 7, Borromeo 3, PE?Ano 2, Puray 2, Malicana 2, Javier 0, Joson 0, Ferrer 0. PSP 107 - Meneses 22, Comboy 19, Acu?A 15, Dela Cruz 14, Bayla 13 Mohammad 9, Yutuc 7, Yu 4, Sumagaysay 2, Velchez 2, Castillo 0, Olegario 0. Quarter 18-22, 40-38, 62-56, 82-82 , 99-99 , 109-107 . Second game EcoOoil-La Salle 126-Cortez 19, B. Phillips 19, Nwankwo 15, Escandor 14, Nonoy 13. Buensalida 11, Gollena 8, Alao 6, Abadam 5, M. Phillips 5, David 4, Estacio 4, Nelle 3. But online 43 - Ceniza 10, Baclig 10, Dela Rosa 5, Golloso 4, Alina 3, Cantoma 3, Del Pilar 3, Bentulan 2, Panlilio 2, Fernandez 1, Yambao 0, Silvarez 0, Geronga 0, Hungaranas 0. Quarter 42-10, 80-29, 109-41, 126-43. - rappler