Manıla, the Philippines - the Eastern Region Castized Manila Water, locally known as Betty Super Typhoon Mawar, has initiated the necessary measures to provide uninterrupted services to provide uninterrupted services. Air disorder is expected to bring heavy rainfall and strong winds to other parts of Metro Manila and Luzon. ADVERTISING Read Mawar is getting stronger to Super Typhoon again, Pagasa says Manila Water led all operation teams to take proactive measures to maintain continuous water source and to minimize potential damage to their facilities in the worst scenarios. Water and wastewater treatment plants, joint purposes, service areas, and other offices, including the company's facilities, are responsible for managing the facilities, air consultants and government announcements continuously have been instructed to monitor. In addition, windows, towers, antennas, and other structures where strong winds and heavy rainfall can be endangered. In addition, they should provide equipment and system backups and protect plenty of fuel, battery, medical and first aid materials, food and other basic stocks for emergencies. Each facility is equipped with generator sets that undergo performance evaluations and repairs when necessary to provide uninterrupted operations during the power outages. In case of consolation floods, thirst pumps and sandbags are prepared for distribution. The monitoring of dam levels and other activities in water resources and water quality sampling will continue. It is recommended to coordinate with local government units on the service areas, siphon and evacuation areas and the necessary aid areas from LGU. All service development, infrastructure and network development projects will be temporarily suspended. Mobile treatment plants, water tankers, static water tanks and deterioration tanks are waiting for immediately to deploy immediately. ADVERTISING “In addition to these preparations, you can be sure that we are carefully cooperating with the government to ensure that we are carefully cooperating with the government to ensure the continuity of water service during emergency situations and disasters.Communication Group Director Jeric Sevilla. Manila Water also calls the customers to call the Manila Water Customer Service aid line in 1627 to report the water services problems encountered in their homes or communities. Related Story Super Typhoon Mawar, Luzon next week, may break the rain of monsoon in Visayas JPVABC Your subscription has not been saved. Please try again. Click here for more news about the weather. Next read