A deputy in the Philippines proposed to prohibit schools from establishing homework on weekends, saying that students were over -working and should be charged. Sam Verzosa, a member of the House of Representatives, said that the Philippines is in the “education crisis ,, that the students are working for long hours, but showed low performance in test scores. In 2018, he showed international rankings such as the lowest of 79 countries in reading the Philippines and the second in the international student assessment program in science and mathematics. In the comments reported by the local media, Verzosa said, “Filipino young people are working over and the Philippines are moving behind other countries, Ver said Verzosa. A draft law proposed by Verzosa, “Problem, Low Learning Efficiency” “lies in students with excessive school hours. Pursuant to proposals, primary and secondary school teachers should not give any homework or homework on weekends, weekdays should be at a minimum and should not require completion of more than four hours a week. Verzosa, students needed time to "relax and charge", the homework, which has part -time jobs and can not access the Internet, wealthy and poorer students, he added. Ruby Bernardo, the Secretary of anxious Teachers, may change when children spend at school in the Philippines, an average of 10 hours a day and those in cities may change for six hours a day. In the national capital region, some schools operate in shifts starting from 6 o'clock to manage excessive crowds and lack of class space. Bernardo said that the school system struggles with lack of inadequate investment and resources and that the extreme homework is a symptom of this.It may be requested, because there is not enough books or laptops at school. Bernardo said, “I can give an output to the students, but outside my pocket expenses because we don't have an Xerox copy machine in our school, Bern Bernardo said that teachers used their own money from laptops and projectors to balls. The schools were overwhelmed by the pandemi, especially after the face -to -face classes to stop for two years, led to the students to stay behind, he said, the government's response was inadequate. Verzosa's proposal will be built on the guidance of the Ministry of Education 2010, and teachers will advise teachers to limit their homework to a reasonable amount on weekdays and not put homework on weekends.also contains. Gotopnews.com