Manıla - On Thursday, the Philippines National Grid Corporation said that it was not accused of delayed projects and that consumers have paid even for delayed projects. The country's power network operator insisted on the improvement of power transmission because it took over the government's operations. A recent Senate hearing found that 66 projects with 14 in Luzon, 19 Visayas and Mindanao in 33 were unfinished. However, NGCP Vice President Cynthia Alabanza said that the projects were postponed due to COVİD-19 pandema as well as the right to pass. Alabanza, "Covid was. The real truth was the right to pass. This is a problem. Even the government admitted that the right to pass through it was a difficulty."Said. In 2009, he said that the problems of road rights delivered to them by the government were not “fully solved” because the majority of the majority of them were not documents. "The difference between the government and the NGCP is that when we enter, we need to pay compensation for the landowner. NGCP also “greatly improved a aging transmission system because it seized the agency's control. Alabanza said that NCP has invested a little P300 billion in the transmission system, as well as others, as well as lower rates and higher transformer capacity. "We left the government behind, we have reduced the rates. Our performance has increased in terms of management of the network, ERC record will do it," he said. Alabanza also defended the Kilowatt hourly accusation of NGCP from consumers for transfer projects, including what should end. This additional fee was part of the NGCP's P52 billion transmission fee collection for 2022. Alabanza said that this billing form is available even when the state's national transmission company or Transco still operate the network. "It sounds very bad to the ear, but for consumers, so we don't have to pay once, big time has spread for a long time. It looks like you bought a condemnation on pre -sales.The regulation commission] is what he tries to do when they rationally we blame things. " NGCP, the transmission rates collected to consumers fall when they take over. Also, even for projects that have not yet been completed, defending payment payment application. Alabanza also insisted that the company could not be accused of only the latest power outages because the company only conveyed power and did not produce or distribute it. "You can't identify NGCP," he said. Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, in the meantime, urged ERC to punish NGCP for delayed projects. Gatchalian, said in a statement, "the commission, NGCP to apply disciplinary fines and implementation of the implementation of fines. We do not see discipline because many projects are delayed."Said. In a separate statement, ERC President Monalisa Dimalanta In addition to complaints, possible NGCP violations have been reviewed. "We can guarantee that this commission to Senate and electricity consumers conducts a diligent examination of complaints, delays and possible violations of NGCP."Said. "Based on the findings, we are ready to implement the full power of the law appropriately." A few deputies called for NGCP franchise to review it. Related video