Kidapawan City, North Cotabato'da six villages on Monday in a statement on Monday, Interior and Local Governments Office Provincial Department, the government's P24 Million Development Project is the buyers of the development project.In order to end the nation approach, the national duty force was financed within the scope of the Barangay Development Program.Abdullah said that the projects given at the weekend consists of four levels of 3 water systems in the road from four farms to the market .It is the first local government unit that converts the facilities into buyers. "He said.Projects also took the projects. President Jose Paolo Evangelista said that the projects are proof that the government is the proof that the government is cruel in providing development in remote villages in the vulnerable villages in the vulnerability against the recruitment of the Communist New People's Army .. "He said.Abdullah, 57 NTF-ELCAC project was built in other villages of the province. Due to what the village buyer needs communities, he has the right to livelihood and infrastructure project worthy of the project.They participate in the process of rebuilding their lives that the conflicts provoked by their activities are prevented. " news I accept that I have read and accepted the conditions of service and privacy policy, register with a E -Posta address, register for the daily bulletins of Manila Times.