NBI operators, on 23 March 2023 at the Ministry of Justice in Manila for investigation procedures Negros Oriental Gov.Roel is accompanied by six suspects in the of Degamo. MANILA - The Ministry of Justice said in a statement on Thursday that if the law enforcement officers find the basic, a suspect in the of the Negros Oriental government will investigate their allegations. On March 4, the four suspects in the of Degamo and the other 9 people took back their previous statements about the so -called participation of the crime. Osmundo Rivero, one of them, claimed that he had been tortured to associate the crime by the police, who was suspended by the police, and claimed that the officers threatened to harm his family if he did not cooperate. Senior State Prosecutor's Office Richard Anthony Fadullon, Anc's "destruction" in the statement, "there is torture or scared there and if it needs to be investigated, we will conduct the investigation."Said. "If some truth or any basis for the accusations have been proven, then those responsible or those who will be defined as responsible must also face the charges." However, Doj has this warning for the suspects. "On the other hand, if there is no basis for these accusations or these claims, Rivero should be done to take into account."Said. "It should not be allowed to play with this system of justice or toys without making changes in expressions without explaining or justifying the same thing. This will be valid for others." In addition to Rivero, the other three suspects claimed that they were tortured Rogelio Antipolo, Rommel Pattaguan and Daniel Lora, Legal Advisor Danny Villanueva. However, Doj said that they will investigate the allegations, while the spokesman of the department, Mico Clavano, pointed out the intelligence reports and said that there was no such torture. "Kung Makita Na Whang Ganoong Nanyari, Mayon Tayong MgA actions na kailang I-inspected. The spokesman of the Doj said that the representative of the representative could be behind the suspects to take back the testimony of suspects and refuse to cooperate with the authorities. Justice Secretary Isa Crispin "Coloring" Remulla previously, some suspects were allegedly waiting for recantations after alleged that some suspects were lawyers and cooperation. On May 17, about 2 months after the s, the authorities submitted complaints against TEVES. Eleven suspects are against the charges in court. Teves argued that he and his clan had nothing to do with crime. He did not return to the Philippines. TEVES CAMP SLAMS 'TERRORIST' Tag Anew Meanwhile, the Teves Camp also burned the efforts of the Ministry of Justice to label safe deputies as "terrorists". Ferdinand Topacio, the Legal Counsel of Teves, said that the 2020 Anti -Terror Law was "armed" against his client, whom he claimed to be within the law. However, Clavano said that Doj was "important evidence" behind the terrorist label. "We believe that evidence is important, but we believe that the investigation continues. Marami Po Tayong Kailang I-in-in-in-Noriental, SA MGA neighboring cities and regions and the way of the investigation to go."Said. -Jeffrey hernaez, report from ABS-CBN News Gotopnews.com