Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow's best diplomat Sergey Lavrov blamed the West for creating global insecurity and instability. Russia's Ukraine invasion continued, Putin said in a statement on Wednesday, the world has become increasingly unstable and "new tension centers emerged," he said. Speaking at a high -level meeting on security issues in Russia, Putin said that rising instability from individual countries and associations "to protect the dominance, to impose their own rules, to completely ignore the traditions of other states." "All this is accompanied by uncertain interventions in the internal affairs of other countries," he said. Speaking at the same event, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that the West wants to give Russia a strategic defeat and claimed that NATO weapons for Ukraine spread beyond the borders of the country. "The collective West does not hide the intention of giving us a strategic defeat. Russia occupied Ukraine 15 months ago in order to overthrow the pro -Western government in Kiev and to regain its influence on the former Soviet Republic. Western countries gathered around Ukraine to provide military and financial aid to help him defend himself against his neighbor. - Holly Ellyatt