The National Anti -Poverty Commission , operated by the state, threw behind the passage of the Maharlika Investment Fund Law, which aims to use its support for investment. NAPC Vice President and Governor of Southern Cotabato Reynaldo Tamayo Jr., Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri'nin House of Representatives, his colleagues, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.acil. An urgently certified law bill allows the Congress to approve the same day with the second reading and third reading . Tamayo said at a press conference, “Maharlika fund [Bill] has been urgent because the manager sees it as something that will help the economy and provide financing for the government,” he said. “This financing will be used for the fight against poverty, including the government of Napc, Tam Tamayo added. The Assembly approved the Maharlika Investment Fund invoice in the third and last reading, but the Assembly was different from the Senate because it excluded pension funds as the source of the investment fund. Despite the President's emergency certificate about the measure, Arlene Broas, the leader of the Assembly, argued that the bill was not as urgent as the wage increase invoices of foreigners.