Tagbilaran City - the house of the iconic chocolate hills and one of the best dive destinations in the world, Bohol was accepted as the first global geopark of the Philippines by the United Nations Cultural Agency. The United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization declared Bohol as one of 18 new global geographies and brought the total number of sites in 48 countries to 195. ADVERTISING “Geoparks serves local communities by combining the protection of important geological heritage with public access and a sustainable approach to development. UNESCO also stated that Bohol's Danajon double barrier reef, which consists of two -set sea coral reef formed by tidal currents and coral growth as a biri type of species in Southeast Asia ”and six documented double barriers in the world. He also emphasized the three-stage Can-Utad Waterfalls of Bohol, the highest in the state, and the raised sea terrace called “Coral Garden” by the residents in Loon Town. According to UNESCO, Bohol, who is among the major islands of Visayas, said, “Tectonic turbulence periods have raised the island from the ocean depths and has a geological identity that has been brought together for more than 150 million years. In addition to Bohol, the other 17 newly identified geographical parks, bolts in Brazil and Quarta colônia; Lavreotiki in Greece; Ijen, Maros Pangkep, Merangin Jambi and Raja Ampat; Aras and Tabas in Iran;Da Hakusan Tedorigawa. A part of the list is Kinabalu in Malaysia, Waitaki Whitestone in New Zealand, Sunnhordland in Norway; Jeonbuk in the Republic of Korea; Cabo Ortegal in Spain; Khorat in Thailand; and Morne Gullion Strangford in the United Kingdom. Pride source Bohol Gov.Aris Aumementado said “This is a great success for Bohol - something we are proud of. I hope this will encourage other places in the country to deal with geological places." Aumementado said Bohol will strengthen the tourism industry to attract more people and protect their ecological areas. The Provincial Government said in a statement that a group of researchers managed by the Filipinler University Urban Planning School in 2013 were looking for a place with an important geological heritage that could be a part of global in the country.It concluded that flour is the best qualified for this recognition. “Bohol's Geopark is not only a proof of the very dynamic history preserved in various rocks and geomorphological characteristics inside and around the island, but also the power of Boholalanos' strength and stable belief and the uncertainty of geological dangers.National Commission of the Philippines. G Your subscription has not been saved. Please try again. Next read Gotopnews.com