The Philippine Catholic Exorcists Association and many other Catholic organizations Fr.winston Cabading on Friday after his last arrest for allegedly accusing the religious feelings of a Marian Adana. In a statement, the Archbishop of the Manila Extraordinary Case Commission and the Archbishop of the Manila Exorcism Office defended the 57 -year -old priest and said that only the church's “final decision” echoed.1948 LIPA appearances. “As a member of the Archbishop of the Manila Archbishop of the Manila, [Cabading], when it was needed as a pastoral, it helped to clarify confusion, eliminate suspicions and answer the alleged questions claimed by the Holy Mary in 1948.said. “This challenging task has always taken care of the character and origin of the alleged appearance in the Monastery of the Carmelit, that is, from God and God, not from God and God, with the mind and stand of the church." “For this reason, Fr.winston Cabading Op, Op in the obedience and unification of the Pope and the Catholic Church with the Philippine bishops,” he said. Cabading, a prostitute of Amoe, was arrested at the Caleruega Church in Batangas on May 13 after publishing an arrest warrant against a Quezon City Court. His arrest was caused by a December 2022 complaint opened by Harriet Dememetriou, the former election commission , who was quoted in the digital Catholic show after his explanations of the 1948 LIPA views. In his complaint, Demetriou accused the priest of Mary of being a “rabies critic ve and the 1951 Lipa Diocesan decision said,“ Lady, Mary, rejected the reality of the 1948 appearance of Mediatrix. " Article 133 punishes that "a place dedicated to religious worship or during the celebration of any religious ceremony, against the feelings of the loyalty." Demetriou also said that the state had a task to protect the religious freedom in the complaint. And Lady, as a Mary's island, seemingly cabin expressions of all Grace's MediaTrix. He said that this was one of the situations in which Cabading felt that Cabading was a Device Conference at the time of being discussed whether the appearance was "evil". In Sandra Aguinaldo's "24 ORAS" report on Friday, Cabading refused to say this, nor did he discuss the idea at the public or worship site. "There was no authorized installation of documents or videos," Cabading said.Said. "Nagtanong Ako, 'If a particular is in a church, Nakaano Na SA SA SA will be? What is our appropriate tendency?' Our bishops, provided that they are not associated with appearance, said we can use." Cabading, this issue was discussed that he did not answer a question, he added. GMA News Online asked Demetriou on this subject, but he has not yet responded to send time.