Police said that the university student of asphyxia through drowning, and the victim's theory that the rope on the ferry was used to kill him. Pampanga, the Philippines - at the beginning of this week, the mother of a university student who shocked the city of Tuguegarao at the beginning of this week, went to social media to express his grief and call for justice. The 21 -year -old sacrifice Jasmin Grace Casali was found dead in an empty area in Annafunan East, a village next to Norte, a village next to Barangay. “I just gathered enough courage to look at your photo. I'm so sorry for you. The person who makes this to you is a monster! Such a cruelty! The hearing given to me is very painful. It seems like I don't want to live in the victim's mother Riza's mother. “The loss of a child brings an inexplicable pain to a mother.It browsing my heart." Mail Ting, Mayor of Tuguegarao City, said that the crime came as a shock because it was the first case in the last memory of a woman who was lost for two days and killed in the city. Ting said that researchers learned that Casali was drowning. "Our police are doing a follow -up and looking at the clues," he told Rappler on Friday, May 26th. The police announced the P50.000 awards for anyone who has useful information that can help solve the case. Ting implies a breakthrough in the investigation “But we don't want to explain yet because the police can compromise on the job… I don't want to give any results from the police until they get the final report.” Tuguegarao police spokesman Captain Rosemarie Taguiam said that Casali of asphyxia through drowning, and the inspectors theory that the rope on the victim was used to kill him. Authorities, Monday, May 22, after the mother of the mother on Facebook after the disappearance of Casali'nin said they realized. After taking his duty, Taguiam said that the police immediately started an investigation, called and spoke to friends and acquaintances for information.- rappler Gotopnews.com