Sara Mauskopf's daily concerns-customers, employees do not include their three children-often Federal Deposit Insurance Company.Winnie is the general manager of Winnie.38 -year -old lady Mauskopf has collected over $ 15 million for Winnie since its establishment in 2016 and employed 29 people. When the Bank collapsed last Friday, F.D.I.C.YAPTI.Ş company for Mrs. Mauskopf has joined approximately half of the technology and science initiatives supported by SVB in the United States.He follows carefully to rethink how he can affect the economy and where his company will keep his money. In order to explain how to be the customer of the second largest bank in the history of the USA, Mrs. Mauskopf gave a summary of one -hour changes to the New York Times and gather $ 200,000 for the payroll during the day.It is stressful to ensure that it works. Thursday, March 9 630 I woke up in my usual time and started my day without any knowledge that there was something about SVB.I stayed, so when I saw an e -mail from one of our investors, I was getting into the car, there will be a work in SVB and people are theirs.