This story commentary gift article about 3 min. UBS, the largest bank in Switzerland, is reported to be in negotiations to take over the problematic rival Credit Credit Suisse that can alleviate the increasing concerns about the turbulence in the European banking giant.Arrowright panels in the big banks are gathered about their merger plans on a history of Saturday evening until the evening of Saturday evening. Starties are the latest development in more than a week and to support large financial institutions by the shocking collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank and Wall Streets and OrganizersAfter the next actions, fears about the flexibility of the global financial system. According to Financial Times, the banks of banks in the United States, England and Switzerland, UBS'nin to meet the legal costs to meet the legal costs of a kind of government agreement, including the legal structure of an agreement is also looking for concessions.It increased by 7 percent in transactions. Credit Suisse and UBS refused to comment. The National Bank and the US Federal Reserve did not immediately respond to the requests for comments. According to the Bloomberg News report, the Deutsche Bank, Germany, is also watching to see if a certain loan is abusing businesses. A inheritance may limit the fear that the turmoil in Credit Suisse and more than one problem financial institution in the United States will create a banking contamination similar to the events of the 2008 financial crisis.However, experts say that the financial system is on a solid ground and that the volatility in the stock market can reflect news developments rather than a wider crisis signal. Discussions follow a week of chaos for Credit Suisse. On Thursday, the Swiss Central Bank explained “material weaknesses ında in the bank financial reports, and provided a $ 53.7 billion liquidity life line to the company. However, Credit Suisse's underlying problems began long before the last problem in the banks in the United States.He announced that he was experiencing important customer and suffered great losses due to his exposure to the collapse of the New York -based Archegos Capital Management in 2021. On Thursday, the moves in Europe follow the announcement that 11 of the largest banks in the United States will deposit 30 billion dollars to the first Republic Bank. The movement aimed to support the bank and send a signal about the wider security of the US financial system., Silicon Valley Bank's parent company applied on Friday, 11 bankruptcy. Gifts gift article