On Thursday, revisions for the first quarter economic data showed that the economy grew faster than expected, although inflation was higher than the first mentioned. In the labor market, the revisions caused by ulent data in Massachusetts show that unemployed claims have not accumulated as previously predicted. Together with data points, it contributes to an increasing narrative, a narrative that existing economic data does not match some economists about a stagnation. Blackrock's fixed -income CIO Rick Rieder told Yahoo Finance Live, “The claim that we are definitely entering the stagnation is suspicious. Rieder's comments come in a week showing that consumer spending power does not deteriorate at an aggressive speed.& Fitch has reported strong sales. Even inter -business expenditures do not seem to fall from the rocks as both NVIDIA and Palo Alto Networks shares rise after optimistic earnings forecasts. According to the Atlanta Fed, which predicts 2.9%of the second quarter GDP growth, it contributes to another quarter of growth. In a note of Citi's economic team on Thursday, “Strong growth in the quarter and a combination of stronger inflation makes the Fed's more possible increase when necessary to cool enough activity to cool enough activity to bring back inflation to 2%. This content is not available because of your privacy preferences. Update your settings here to see. Federal Reserve President Jerome Powell left its options open at a last press conference on May 3 and showed what economists later called "hawk pause". The FED President said that the next decisions will be given on a meeting basis and on the basis of the “integrity of incoming data”. The story continues However, this posture seems to change at least other fed officials. "I do not support stopping rate increases unless it receives clear evidence that inflation is progressing towards our target 2%."Said. Meanwhile, Boston President Susan Collins Federal Reserve Bank made a different tone on Thursday. “Although inflation is still very high, there is a promising sign of moderateness,” he said in a speech at Rhode Island Community College. Archivo - El President de la Resherva Federal, Jerome Powell, Habla Durante Una Reunión en Washington, El Viernes 19 de Mayo de 2023. Before the job report of the next week, the current “Integrity of Data” went to another ratio increase in June. The markets were about 100% confident in a pause of the CPI report on May 10, which revealed the fastest cooling of inflation on May 10 in two years. However, since 1969, consumers who spend through a flexible labor market with the lowest unemployment and inflation pressures, questioned what economists felt like a simple way. “While waiting for the Fed to leave the rates fixed at the June meeting, minutes from this month's FOMC meeting clearly revealed that it is necessary to relax the labor market conditions more importantly to keep the ratio increases permanently away from the table. Josh is Yahoo Finance reporter. Click here for the latest stock market news and in -depth analysis, including activities that move stocks. Read the latest finance and business news from Yahoo Finance Gotopnews.com