OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, after calling the Congress to propose regulations on the use of AI in the United States, warned that the company may intend to withdraw its activities from the European Union if it follows the planned regulations on Artificial Intelligence . The EU plans to require that companies with productive AI products, such as OpenAI's Chatgpt, to disclose the use of materials that are protected by the right to educate the AI platforms to create s and texts in response to users' requests.The offer will also require that productive artificial intelligence systems are produced by artificial intelligence, not by humans. Speaking to at an event in London, Altman said, "The current draft of the EU Law may be over regulatory, but we have heard that it will be withdrawn.""They're still talking about it. "There is a lot to do, such as changing the definition of general purpose artificial intelligence systems. There is a lot to do." AI makes copyright law difficulties The EU Parliament is considering revisions in the law, and the next step in the process will be the vote by the Parliament on a draft negotiation between 12-15 June.Later, the EU Parliament may discuss with the European Council of Ministers on the final version of the law. According to the current proposal, the EU will require that people to be defined as "high -risk" as if they are intended to be used in areas such as biometric identity detection, recruitment and evaluation, education and vocational training, management of critical infrastructure, management of critical infrastructure, law sanction., immigration and more. British Prime Minister and AI company leaders will work together to benefit from technology. Altman, Time'a OpenAI'nin EU Artificial Intelligence Law will be impossible for all requirements of the current version of the EU, and the final law of the final law "high risk" can cause problems for the ongoing operations of the company in the EU. Altman, "If we can, we do, and if we can't, we will stop the activity. ... We will try. However, what is possible has technical limits," he said.OpenAI CEO also said that "the regulations representing something between the traditional European approach and the traditional US approach". What is chatgpt? In mid -May, Altman testified in front of the Senate Judicial Committee on Privacy, Technology and the Law and invited the government to "alleviate" the AI risks. "As this technology progresses, we understand that people are worried about how this can change our way of life. We are also worried. However, we believe that we can work together to identify and manage potential negative sides and we can all enjoy it."It is important to develop strong artificial intelligence considering democratic values.This means that US leadership is critical " "We think that the regulatory intervention of governments will be critical to reduce the risks of stronger models." Click here to get the FOX business in the movement OpenAI did not respond to Fox Business's request to comment on the distinction between the most appropriate level of arrangement in the US and the distinction between the proposed EU. Emma Colton and from Fox Business contributed to this report.