Elon Musk's brain-computer interface company, Neuralink, said it has received Food and Drug Administration approval to start its in-human clinical trial. If true, that means real people could get a device from Neuralink implanted in their heads. The news follows Elon Musk's claim that November is about six months away from Nevralink's first human trial – suggesting that this is the rare Musk promise that comes true in time. The announcement of a future human trial isn't as much of a milestone as the results of this trial. It's not just any trial. This represents Elon Musk of all people, plugging a device into a human brain. And that makes us wonder Who would sign up for something like this, and why? Is there any chance of someone with a major medical reason or wanting to get the world's attention on Musk's side and being Elon Musk himself? Musk will have the device on his own head at some unspecified future time. He claimed to have implanted. Meanwhile, Neuralink is accused of abusing monkey test subjects and is under investigation for allegedly carrying contaminated devices extracted from monkeys, a claim the company denies. summed up the “dozens of problems” he needed to address. Gotopnews.com