Ford CEO Jim Farley and Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that more than 12,000 Tesla Supercharger will work with Ford vehicles in the beginning of 2024.Farley also announced that the new generation of Ford vehicles will be equipped with the standardized version of Tesla's registered charging system at the North American Charging Standard port. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Twitter Space meeting, "Tesla super charger is a garden surrounded by walls," he said.According to Musk, Tesla wants Ford and other car manufacturers to be on equal terms when it is possible to access reliable home charge. "We don't want Tesla compressors to be a garden surrounded by walls" According to Ford, Tesla will develop an adapter to be provided to customers who buy any of Ford's homes, including the F-150 Lightning truck, the Mustang Mach-E and the E-Transite Delivery Minibus.Like the majority of homes in North America, Ford's homes are compatible with CCS plug -in home charger. The adapter will allow Tesla to be connected to the super charging devices of Tesla, including the new version of the newly released version of Ford EVs.And Ford's new generation home platform, which will be released in 2025, will be compatible with Tesla's North American charging standard port.Tesla announced that it will open the charging standard to other automobile manufacturers last year, and now Ford is one of the first companies to adopt it. Ford will also continue to support the "Blueoval" charging network, which will enlarge the 1,800 DC fast charging station until the beginning of 2024. Governor Ron Desantis's presidential speech yesterday after the disaster, the twitter field phase was stable this time.According to the numbers shown in space, approximately 75,000 people were set to approximately 600,000 trying to enter the desantis flow. Tesla Superchargers in the United States use a registered connector - this was the "competitive ditch" that provided protection from Tesla's other automobile manufacturers.To allow non -Tesla vehicles to access the charger, the company set up a device called "Magic Dock" where a CCS adapter is applied to the connector.CCS is a standard that most home manufacturers in North America adopt for DC fast charging. Tesla's Supercharger network was once special to Elon Musk's customers and only to Elon Musk. The speech between the two car manufacturers CEO emerges as home competition continues to increase.Tesla enjoyed the dominance of the growing electric vehicle industry at the summit, but other manufacturers finally bring more diversity and alternatives to Tesla's best -selling model.Tesla has reduced prices many times this year to increase sales and brought Model 3.Sedan is below $ 40,000. Price discounts are not only in Tesla.Ford also reduced prices and other manufacturers are approaching an industry -wide electric vehicle price battle step by step. Ford has some of the best -selling houses , but was blocked by production problems containing faulty batteries that could flame .Mustang Mach-E production also stopped for weeks because the company improves processes in the factory. Ford, a year ago, now called Ford Blue extremely profitable gas vehicles, and in the meantime, the original name of Tesla's Model 3 Ford Model under the Electrical Efforts under the company to restructure the company . Farley had praised Musk before, but he also threw some punches.Last year, Farley launched Tesla's Cybertruck as Ford F-150 Lightning was already produced and departed.Farley said at that time, "Take this, Elon Musk," he said.