File - in this file photo dated March 16, 2010, financial Carl Icahn poses for photos when he arrives at the New York Police Foundation premiere in New York.ICAHN's Business Empire continues to fall between the serperts after a recent report of the deduction company Hindenburg Research.In the report published on May 2, 2023, Hindenburg claimed that ICAHN Enterprises used inflated asset values. WASHINGTON - Carl ICAHN's business empire of Carl Icahn, corporate looter and activist investor, continues to fall in the middle of a recent report of Hindenburg Research, and the losses are accelerating while repeating the claims of the competitor. In the report published on May 2, Hindenburg claimed that ICAHN Enterprises used inflated asset values.The report also points to "Ponzi -like economic structures" at the holding company and claims that ICAHN uses the money from new investors to distribute dividends to old investors.Sunny Isles Beach has shares in various sectors, from food packaging and automotive to real estate and medicine, located in Florida, Florida. Since Hindenburg released his short position, the market value and stake of ICAHN Enterprises fell hard.The market value of the company has decreased more than half this month - on May 1, about 18 billion dollars on Thursday, $ 7.01 billion - and IP's stock fell almost 63 %since the beginning of May. Hindenburg is famous for its exposure.This includes borrowing a stock that is expected to lose value and selling the same number of shares at the current market price with a plan to reclaim at a lower price. ICAHN stepped back against Hindenburg with the fact that the billionaire described the company's report as a "self -service" and "only from Hindenburg's short position IEP to make profits at the expense of long -term unit owners". In a statement on May 10, ICAHN promised that the company will "take all the appropriate steps to protect and respond to our unit owners." However, some people who criticize ICAHN, a Wall Street legend known for targeting weak companies and sell them to pieces, say that the findings of the report feel like a complete cycle. Bill Ackman, CEO of the Pershing Square Capital Management and ICAHN's long rival, has a complex quality that strengthens the concept of a life and death cycle in his short report on Twitter on May 2 ". The story continues ACKMAN doubled this week - by sharing a longer Wednesday Tweet, which touches on many factors surrounding ICAHN Enterprises's sprinkling, questioning why ICAHN did not explain the conditions of market loans, and the potential concerns of the market lenders.The last intervention of the Ministry of Justice. A week after Hindenburg's report, a company on May 10, according to the SEC file, the US Prosecutor's Office, the US New York Region, contacted ICAHN Enterprises on May 3 to get information about the company and financial situation.ICAHN Enterprises, said he was cooperating with demand. "The US Chief Public Prosecutor's Office did not make any claims or claims against us or Mr. Icahn in relation to the above investigation," ICAHN Enterprises said."We do not believe that this investigation will have a significant impact on our business, financial situation, activity results or cash flows." On Thursday, one day after ACKMAN's latest tweet, ICAHN Enterprises' shares fell more than 20 %. “Icahn's favorite Wall Street word 'If you want a friend, take a dog.'Icahn has made many enemies throughout his story career.I don't know if he's a real friend.He can use one here, ”Ackman wrote on Wednesday. The hostility of Ackman and ICAHN dates back to decades, including a 2003 agreement, which includes Hallwood Realty and led to years of business dispute. In 2013, when he condemned Ackman Herbalife as a pyramid scheme and using short -term transactions, when the nutritional supplements made a big bet against his company, the blood feud reached the summit - ICAHN strongly opposed and increased his shares in Herbalife.The duo then began to mutually shoot live broadcasts.