Nikola , a highly flying stock in the first months of the pandema, is at the risk of deleting Nasdaq . The shares of the electric truck manufacturer working with hydrogen and hydrogen sank 20% on Thursday, always closed at 62 cents. The company said that Nasdaq received a risk notification letter and Nikola is not “at minimum bid price requirements”. Nikola has until 20 November 2023 to regain compatibility. To make this, the company's closing share price should be at least $ 1.00 for at least 10 consecutive working days. Phoenix, Arizona -based initiative has fought to gain basis between higher interest rates and challenges in the last few years. Nikola was opened to the public through the Spac in June 2020. After a while, the stock reached the highest level of all time of more than $ 65 per share due to the share, the investor's buzz on the home industry and the partnership announcement with General Motors . This agreement later weakened in September 2020 after a short seller report of Hindenburg research against Nikola and his founder Trevor Milton. The company initially rejected Hindenburg's claims. Later in the month, Milton resigned as the executive president. In 2021, the company said that Nikola and Milton made partially or completely wrong statements. Ukraine - 20230405 This photo picture shows a Nikola Corporation logo on a smartphone screen. Higher interest rates and a tight credit market have made financing more difficult for capital intensive initiatives. In late March, Nikola presented a $ 100 million stock at a price of $ 1.12 per share. Hisse promissory notes sank up to 18%. In April, Nikola announced the amendments made to the board of directors. In addition, C-water changes were made, including the retirement of Kim Brady, the chief financial officer, earlier this year. The story continues Earlier this year, the start of 100 classes 8 Nikola Tre Hydrogen Fuel Cell celebrated the milestone. At the beginning of May, the company announced a purchase order by AJR Trucking for 50 FCEV. New Year's stock fell more than 72%. Ins is a senior business reporter for Yahoo Finance. Click here for the latest stock market news and in -depth analysis, including activities that move stocks. Read the latest finance and business news from Yahoo Finance