In a statement on Thursday, the Ministry of Treasury announced that the auctions for some short -term treasury bills will continue next week. And some observers, as a sign to raise the debt limit of the deputies and to conclude an agreement to prevent a disastrous default, beyond the last date of June 1.They commented that it could have it. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and the deputies in the Congress are pressing to make an agreement to raise the debt limit until June 1, which is the earliest date of the Treasury to pay the "extraordinary measures" in January 31.4 trillion dollars in JanuaryThe debt limit was reached. Treasury Financial Management Office announced on Thursday for 3 months and 6 -month Treasury invoices to be held on Tuesday and auctions for a $ 50 billion cash management invoice mature in November. Typically, the Treasury does not proceed with auctions unless it is not sure that it has the necessary ceiling gap under the debt ceiling. Will the US really assume your debt? JPMorgan warns that rates are increasing Gennadiy Goldberg, a senior price strategist at TD Securities, said to "shows that the Treasury probably shows money to solve security. Secretary Yellen doubled this week on the need to solve the debt ceiling dilemma as early as possible before consuming extraordinary measures of the Treasury and stressed that June 1 was the date in which the funds could be exhausted. "It is likely to exhaust resources to meet the government's obligations, probably in the early June, like June 1," sponsored by The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.He continued "We do not see the possibility that our resources will allow us to reach the middle or end of June." The debt limit agreement between McCarthy can be hit this week Source Yellen added that the Treasury was trying to update the government more precisely about the X-History when the government could no longer pay its invoices, but when it recorded it, "It is difficult to be exactly what day the resources will be exhausted." The uncertainty around the Treasury's daily cash balances is due to daily fluctuations in tax income collections and payments to be paid. Hazine is in communication with various federal institutions about larger payments that can be made in May or June to help improve their forecasts, but X-History estimates from outside the governmentHe also warned the risk of violating the debt limit. AOC blames Manchin so that the democrats could not raise the debt ceiling last year The two-party policy center issued the last X-Date estimation, which predicts that X-history may be in a range from June to the beginning of August with an increasing risk of reaching X-history between June 2 and 13 June. BPC's Economic Policy Program General Manager Shai Akabas, "At the beginning of June, the Treasury will make a skating on a very thin ice, it will only be thinner every day. Click here and get Fox Business on movement Akabas, "the longer the longer the policy makers wait to address the debt limit, the more likely to determine our economic destiny by the external actors," he said "Credit rating agencies, treasury investors and global financial markets will not wait forever.It may deteriorate quickly and can be difficult to return, which will immediately and negatively affect American consumers and businesses. " Similarly, an analysis sent to the customers who were most likely X-History by Goldman Sachs economists on June 8 or 9 June, but emphasized that "a significant uncertainty" and "receipts have a chance to slow down and leave the Treasury.1.1Or cash is short until June 2. " Megan Henney and of Fox Business contributed to this report.