for the latest news for your daily guide for your daily guide E -Post free US Evening headlines E -PEPPT TO OUR POINT Please enter a valid e -mail address, please enter a valid e -mail address.I want to be sent by e -mail about offers, events and updates. Evening Headings E -Posta {{{#Verrors}} {{Message}} {{ VerifyerRors}} {{ ^VerifyerRors}} . The pilots had to cancel the descents at San Francisco International Airpot last week after seeing a Southwest Airlines jet taxi on the tracks they were cleaned to land. The Federal Aviation Administration says that the southwest plane has cleaned the tracks, that other planes pass the hill and the decision to cancel landing is “prudence .. According to Associated Press, an air traffic controller at the airport told Southwest pilots that they should not be on the tracks in the 19 May incident. Authorities say a United Airlines plane that came before the pilots see the southwest jet on the same track is as low as a few hundred meters to the Gulf of San Francisco. Shortly after, the pilots of the Alaska Airlines aircraft passed the same southwest jet for one second, parallel runway, and the pilots canceled their descents. Both aircraft safely returned to the Waterfront Airport, the second most intense of California, after Los Angeles in Los Angeles. An air traffic controller, according to the record of the incident on Liveatc, "You should not be on the track," he said. And when one of the pilots tried to explain why they were there, the controller quickly cut them and cut them, "I don't need a discussion." "FAA looked at events and determined that the appropriate steps have been taken to provide safe operations," the agency said in a statement.Said. The National Transportation Security Board said that he did not open an investigation into the incident. FAA says it hasn't been a deadly accident with a US airline since 2009.