[This story contains spoilers for Shazam! Fury of the Gods After joining the DCEU in 2017, Shazam! Fury of the Gods director David F. Sandberg is ready to hang his cape. The second installment of Shazamily's adventures is now in theaters, and the Swedish filmmaker is finally able to unlock one of the highlights of his entire experience. Of course, that would be the Wonder Woman cameo that Gal Gadot actually directs from afar from home. The chance to properly include a member of the Justice League was also made for Henry Cavill's Superman cameo, which was not featured in 2019's Shazam! But due to previous disappointment, Sandberg expected the worst to happen with Gadot. “It was always supposed to be on Shazam. Fury of the Gods], but I didn't believe it would be because of what happened in the first movie where we had to make a headless Superman cameo. I thought that would happen here too,” Sanberg tells The Hollywood Reporter. Sandberg adds, “But then it really happened, which was great, because then we could have fun with the Wizard [Djimon Hounsou] dream sequence in the headless cameo of the first movie. But we would never have done it without Gal in the end, because people would be angry. ” Sandberg also clarifies the timing of the mid-credits scene, as it includes Emilia Harcout and John Economos from James Gunn's The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker. While Gunn is co-CEO of DC Studios along with Fury of the Gods producer Peter Safran, some viewers may be thinking they made a late addition to the film to link Shazam to Gunn's new DCU page. But the scene was actually filmed long before Gunn and Safran took the reins of DC. “It was supposed to be characters from the Justice League, but that fell apart three days before the cameras rolled,” Sandberg says. So Peter Safran, who produced this movie and Peacemaker, made some calls, and thankfully Jen Holland and Steve Agee were able to arrive on short notice. Now that his duties at the DCEU are coming to an end, Sandberg is eager to return to his roots in the horror genre, and that includes reuniting with Lights Out and Annabelle Creation producer James Wan and former DC Films president Walter Hamada. Second, he produced all four of Sandberg's feature films. “Actually, I have a project that I developed with James. And I talked a lot with Walter about finding something to do together. “I haven't made a movie without him, so I'd like to do more with Walt,” Sandberg says. Below, during a recent spoiler talk with THR, Sandberg also discusses how the Fury of the Gods marketing team's decision to include Gadot's Wonder Woman in the film's final TV spots was captured. L.A. You missed your premiere because of Covid. How do you feel? I actually feel pretty good right now. I missed the first episode but now I'm on my feet. You were also ahead of the ChatGPT curve with “Steve”. It's funny how Steve turned into something in time. Then we'll stop the chase. When did Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman come out? From the very beginning and from the first script. He was always supposed to be in it, but I didn't believe it would be because of what happened in the first movie where we had to make a headless Superman cameo. I thought this would be here too. So I started thinking, “Okay, when it can't do that or it falls apart, how do we bring Shazam back to life? Do we have to bring back Helen Mirren's character, Hespera? What are we going to do?" But then it really happened, which was great, because then in the headless cameo of the first movie, we could have fun with the Wizard [Djimon Hounsou] dream sequence and things like that. But we would never have been able to do that without Gal in the end, because people would be angry. Shazam!'s headless Superman cameo was a disappointment at the time, but I appreciated how it turned into a headless hustle with Wonder Woman Yes, and most of the credit goes to the authors . Did Gal's fame happen before the set? Due to a lot of situations, I had to route your stuff remotely. So I was at home and there was a screen with a feed from the camera and a feed with a Zoom window where I could talk to him and everyone on set. It was a little weird, but it worked really well. She was super nice and super professional and working with her was a dream come true. How were the conversations with marketing? I can't imagine you wanting this secret, pre-release version, but I know you're pragmatic too. I am shocked. I just got back from the press tour and I was like, "Hey, why did you screw up Wonder Woman?" I got a message asking. And I said, "What are you talking about?" I said. So I didn't know and they apologized for not keeping me in the loop. But I understand why they did it because they wanted people to see the movie. Of course I understand, but it's a shame because test viewers are the only viewers these days who see these movies as intended. When they watched the movie, they didn't know that Rachel Zegler's character was a goddess. For them, it was a twist that actually worked, but then, once the marketing kicks off, you have to show it off in goddess outfits and it's all right out of the bag. So no one will be surprised that she is a hidden goddess in a school. Rachel Zegler as Anthea in Shazam! Fury of the Gods Warner Bros. Pictures by For those who don't know, you played Rachel Zegler before West Side Story came out, and while watching the movie I was wondering if you actually wanted to hide her character's true identity in the trailer. Yes, that was always the intention in the movie, but once we started working on the marketing, unfortunately it was impossible to keep it secret. In fact, many people like to receive spoilers. There are plenty of prolific leakers and scoops on Twitter with a lot of followers and they want to know every detail about DC and Marvel movies before they see them. If that's your thing, it's your thing, but I really enjoy knowing as little as possible about a movie. I watched The Menu recently and thought it would be a cannibal movie. So I really had no idea what was getting into it. I had this conversation with Matt Reeves about Cloverfield recently and I thought about how you can't shoot that kind of release again. Yes, you could probably do with a smaller movie on a lower budget, but a superhero movie? Forget it. Mid credit scene. Based on the inclusion of two of James Gunn's characters, Emilia Harcourt and John Economos , people might think it's a late addition to tie Shazam to the new DCU, but that's the case. it wasn't, was it? It was already a thing. Yes, poor James [Gunn]. I've seen people on the internet say, “Stop putting your wife [Jennifer Holland] into everything,” and it's like, "No." So [Black Adam's] was supposed to be characters from the Justice Society, but this fell apart three days before the cameras rolled. I was really upset because we built the abandoned gas station set and we were only able to shoot that scene in that little piece of forest. I said, “This is so boring. We need something here." So the art department built the entire gas station and brought in some old cars and stuff. They looked really good with very few resources, and I said, "We have this set and we have time, so we have to shoot something here." Well, Gotopnews.com