Ben Affleck says he could never make “weather de without Michael Jordan's blessing, but this blessing came with great desire. Viola Davis. The film, directed by Affleck, plays Matt Damon as a Nike employee Sonny Vaccaro, who convinces Jordan to sign the agreement that allows the creation of the Air Jordan shoe line. Affleck, who introduced “Air i by the southwest world premiere to the south, had a chance to sit with Michael Jordan, because he had a few things that were important by telling him 'important to you?'" “One of them was that Howard White should be in the film, Aff Affleck said, referring to the vice president of the Jordan brand. “I got the script and then I had the chance to talk to Michael., awe, love, gratitude and innocence was a glance.I said, "Who would you want to play your mother?"He said, "Well, Viola must be Davis."Said. “This,“ Can I play basketball in your court?“Yes, if you take Michael Jordan.”“ Viola Davis is the best actor I've ever seen, Aff Affleck continued.I felt that I had Viola Davis in the movie, that would really happen. This means the world for me." “This is the best night of my professional life and the best actor in the world,” he said, and the audience put Davis on stage for a short time before making their first gaze to “AIR.