instagrampcp1Kemljghx.BLAC CHYNA reveals the results of the dissolution of facial filler after 'looking like a puzzle'. Blac Chyna Blac Chyna continues to return to Angela White. After the breast and butt implants were removed, the 34 -year -old real Blac Chyna Star said that in a video released on Thursday, it was "very excited" for the release of facial fillings to visit Instagram followers. "Actually, I'm on my way to solve these fillers from my cheeks and jaw line because it's enough because it's enough." Related Blac Chyna detares the breast and butt reduction process 'Changing my life and changing my paths' "Although he heard that the process was burning too much or they sting, Chyna said," I'm not even worried about sinking, I just want it. " Chyna later came to the Allure Laser in Los Angeles, where the Armita amini Pa-c began to inject chemicals to solve the filler to her face. This content is not available because of your privacy preferences. Update your settings here to see. "Basically, I want to solve them all," he said to the doctor. "Just solve ... Go back to the base line." When asked what he inspired this journey, Chyna explained "First of all, I'm tired of appearance. And just not proud, I don't look like this. He changed my face completely and just back to I'm ready to get it." Related Blac Chyna opens about plastic surgery 'I did my breasts 4 times' "Blac Chyna from Blac Chyna, do you understand what I mean?" He added. " "I can't see me", the artist said that the make -up artists often would "contour", so it would be even more dramatic ", so I would look like Jigsaw", a reference to the character character. Amini reported that he usually "works quite fast" in a day, and that swelling was "quite light for most people". The story continues Blac Chyna Amy Susman Blac Chyna Oo Ooh yes, solve it, Cy Chyna said, after the doctor took the needle off the left cheek, he showed his face from all angles in the video. "As if I could see almost a difference, almost instantly." After a final filling tour dissolved on his lips, Chyna, Dr.He thanked Amini for a "easy process". "I'm on my journey right now and just fresh, I want to start clean," Chyna explained. Related Video Krris Jenner, after winning a judicial proceedings against the family Blac Chyna 'Happy' 'I live in my belief' Chyna documented the removal of their silicone shots from the butt after taking them at the age of 19, and warned their followers, "Silicone shoots, you can get sick, you can die." Never miss a story-Juicy Celebrity News to the stories of challenging human interest in the best way to stay up-to-date to be up-to-date. "But now I'm moving [up] in life. So I want it from my ass, so I can grow up," Chyna added, but also retired his breast implants and retired "long styletto nails".