Drew Barrymore is standing next to his friend Hugh Grant. British actor, Model Ashley Graham with the viral interview with a lot of criticism, Barrymore, "Music and Lyrics" defends the common star. "If you know Hugh, that's the way to love you," Barrymore explained, "Drew Barrymore show." Drew Barrymore responded to Hugh Grant after singing 'Terrible' “People, 'Oh, he's so much Curmudgeon, and he is thrown a lot.'I, 'No, this is Hugh Grant.You've got this fascinating movie star and what you really get is in love with the grumpy Hugh.'' Barrymore advised others not to get Grant's cheeky explanations very personally and suggested that they would be humorous with their answers. "When you say that, I tell you, absolutely funny. He doesn't mean anything negative about it. The person he met on this carpet is real Hugh," Barrymore continued. "Charlie's Angels" screed confessed to the features of his features, as he continued to insist that his comments were harmless in his first change with Grant. "Probably like Ashley Graham in the Carpet, 'Who am I dealing with?' Barrymore said. "Because I know him, 'I love you. I love you for you real.' He's a funny, good person." Hugh Grant 'Rude' Oscar Red Carpet Criticism was criticized for the interview The 48 -year -old actress's comments come to the heels of Grant's strange interview with Graham and Oscar Red Carpet. During the short red carpet interview, Grant gave short answers. Oscar Red Carpet 2023 Hollywood Stars Sheer and Cutout Gowns naked naked ture When he tried to ask if he was excited to see that a particular person has won the prize, he said, "Especially nobody" and "What are you wearing?" Click here to sign up for the entertainment bulletin Graham talked about his appearance in the popular "Green onion" and said to him, "I'm barely in me, I'm in for three seconds." The audience quickly went to Twitter to criticize his attitude during the interview. Click here to get the Fox News app "Hugh Grant is always an arrogant D ---?" A commentator asked. "The red carpet was very rude to Ashley Graham, completed with an eye roll. Maybe he should stay at home if he is very good for his chosen industry." Elizabeth Standon from Fox News Digital contributed to this report. Gotopnews.com