Freddie Prinze Jr.“Scooby-Doo” is not willing to return to the franchise. In an recent interview with Toofab, the 47 -year -old actor accelerated the likelihood of re -coming together for a third film that plays Mystyn Incorporated with his wife Sarah Michelle Gellar and Matthew Lillard and Linda Cardellini. “I wouldn't have anything to do,” Prinze said. “I have zero interest." The player explained that his thoughts on the subject came to the studio rather than the project. “The first had a lot of feed and don't open, Prinze continued." Although Prinze does not try to revive the role of Fred, the actor still appreciates that he and his collaborators have achieved on duology. Prinze said, “['Scooby'] and until the children come to me and become like 'Oh my God', it is the time I can appreciate the experience through their souls.. This made me change my perspective." As for the other film that Prinze regretted, the actor director Jim Gillespie explained that he struggled during the production of “I know what you are doing last summer” because of a controversial working relationship.He really remembers the young actor calling his “I don't want it in this movie”. “When this is your first job and you hear these words, just ruining you, man. Just ruining you, Prin Prinze shared. Later, a rising actor can be a difficult production that could leave the packaging, but the film gives credit by starting his career. He also developed a relationship with his wife Gellar. “I wouldn't have the things I had without that movie.