Gina Rodriguez officially welcomed a great one the first child! A representative for Virgin Star Jane confirmed that Popsugar had given him the first baby of his husband Joe Licicero.And the small one was tied to his chest in a carrier. In July, the fans on Rodriguez's 38th birthday learned that the artist was pregnant with his first child. "This birthday is different." Since then, the artist has been sharing instant s along his pregnancy, including a photo of the romantic outdoor motherhood with Locicero. At the beginning of December, he has published more photos outside the growing baby fist. The couple celebrated the three -year marriage this year after connecting the knot in May 2019."We have 100 new family members with a kiss .. And the village that helps him!" The actress wrote to Instagram at that time and confirmed his wedding. "May 4, 2019 was the absolute magic. In honor of his anniversary, Rodriguez wrote to the former Jane Virgin guest partner Star in May social media tribute, "3 -year marriage with my best friend. You're at home." As for their babies on the road, Mother-be-be et'ye said in August, "I am very excited about this. I am very happy." At that time, the expected star was in preparation mode."My husband is studying to be Doula, my Doula. Really the next level." the video above for more than what the new mother says about preparing for birth! Gina Rodriguez fiancee Joe Licicero can not stop smile for participation in this video is not available because we could not upload a message from our sponsors. If you are using ad blocking software, please disable and reload the page. Registerly take the meat bulletin e -mail, you accept our terms of use and our Privacy Policy Related Content With Gina Rodriguez Pregnancy Journey at the same time in the new screening Pregnant Gina Rodriguez says that her husband gives training to be her Doula Gina Rodriguez announced that she was pregnant on her 38th birthday Relevant gallery