For the first time, Gina Rodriguez gave her first child on Saturday afternoon in a march with her newborn in Los Angeles, Los Angeles. As a slow walk, 38 -year -old Jane The Virgin Star wore a white baby harness team that kept her newborn baby close. For the first time, the mother kept a solid grip on her little child's back and could be seen looking at her baby with farm animals under a white blanket. The winner of the Golden Globe for his trip, a black T -shirt, leggings, a pair of nike sneakers, glasses and wavy brunette hair on a low ponytail made sports. He and his husband Joe Licicero did not explain the arrival of their gender and unknown infants. New Mother Gina Rodriguez has first seen her first child with her newborn babies in California, Los Angeles in the afternoon afternoon. Going for a walk 38 -year -old Jane The Virgin Star, while going for a slow walk, wore a white baby harness team that kept the newborn Rodriguez announced that he was waiting on his 38th birthday in July and was last seen on January 25th with a baby hit. 'This birthday hit differently,' he took a video of a positive pregnancy test. Gina's announcement video opened with a sweet photo of her and Joe when they kissed her dogs out in nature, and then caught their heads outdoors with a large mountain with a snow cover from a distance. Between 2014-2019, Gina is known for playing the title role in the famous CW series Jane The Virgin. In 2016, the two came together on the set and announced that they were engaged until 2018. Joe has tried various operations, including acting and modeling, and even worked as a MMA fighter. In January 2016, Gina admitted to Ellen DeGeneres show that her time in Jane The Virgin gave a baby fever. `` I feel that they bring the baby to me [playing your son] and my ovaries, "Ahhhh, come here, baby!"'He joked. Ordinary Golden Globe winner for a comfortable trip, a black T -shirt, leggings, a pair of nike sneakers, glasses and a low ponytail made wavy brunette hair sports At that time, he said he was thinking of adopting to avoid the 'whole process' that came with pregnancy. 'I want one.I much bad. I do not want the whole process,' 'he confessed.' In his conversations, he jokes to never work with crying babies, because a new baby player would exchange a new baby player when he was going to cry. He starred as a title character in Jane, and a woman who accidentally got the wrong procedure in the gynecologist's office was artificially inseminated. He cannot believe he can be pregnant because he is a virgin at the beginning, and even after dealing with the change of life, he has to visit his boyfriend and his child's biological father for a long time. The show was a hit with critics and won the Gina A Golden Globe Award for the best actor in a television series comedy or musical in 2015. Happy News Rodriguez, who first announced that he was waiting on his 38th birthday in July, was last seen on January 25 with a baby hit.