From the last season to the characters that are peeled from the last season to the filler, Himym is not alien to making the audience satisfied with the result. However, according to Reddit, one of the largest missed opportunities of the show is the story of Lily's time in San Francisco and her relationship with Marshall. Lily and Marshall are a pair for all of us to take root. However, as the show progressed, it was understood that their relationship was not without flaws. One of the most important problems they faced was Lily's decision to leave Marshall to continue her dream of becoming an artist for a summer scholarship. When Marshall discovered Lily's application for an art program in San Francisco, with a telesecreter message, he felt blind because of a wedding in just a few months. And when he asked him if he could promise that he would not realize that the program had not obeyed his life after the end of three months, he could not give him this assurance. In the end, Lily told her to understand who she was outside her relationship and to feel that she could do it. At that time, Lily's decision was a great shock for both the characters and the audience. It was an unexpected bending that added a new layer of complexity to their relationship. However, the fans of the show had a lot of expectations about how this could emerge, which the show could not fully meet. Some hoped to see Lily dreamed of maintaining their relationship with Marshall, and ultimately led to a happy conclusion. After all, it would be great to witness how a well -matching couple followed their goals without giving up a good relationship. On the other hand, it would be more appropriate for Lily to enjoy her life in San Francisco, but they realized that it wasn't the same without Marshall. When he came back, he said the program was terrible and the worst mistake he has ever made. However, this made many fans feel like the only reason he returned, not because of Marshall, he didn't like his new way. Even Marshall questioned whether he would return to him if he found success in San Francisco, during one of his biggest fights. The fans also argued that the show could be explored in depth of Lily's struggles when I was far from Marshall. Perhaps even the art instructor could have stated that it was subpar to work compared to the pieces he offered during the application process. Lily could later realize that Marshall was a source of inspiration from the beginning, and she made it feeling to be away from her passion.