Jennifer Lopez went to Instagram on Saturday to promote his new shoe collection with Revolve. 53 -year -old Stunner, 'Calle Boot, Sunset Sandal and Beverly platform heel jlo'nun some bts jlo'da, a picture to start at the weekend was seen in an that attracts a picture! ✨ Ben Affleck's wife, who wore a necklace at the beginning of this week, wore a black upper and pants set with tassels along the arms and a unilateral heeled knee with high -heeled knee with high Rhinestone boots costing $ 275. The hunting rifle wedding actress looked very thin and wore the long hairbar directly with a damp, naked tone makeup. The singer, who wears this upcoming album, has been working on shoes for several years with DSW and now seems to be a new cooperation with Revolve, a brand that Kendall Jenner has worked in the past. Fresh Jenny Gear 53 -year -old Jennifer Lopez, on Saturday, introduced Revolve and new shoe cooperation. A great look I Affleck's wife, tassels along the arms and a black upper and pants set with a uniform -shaped knee -length diamond stone that cost 275 dollars. In another appearance, Hitmaker worked on a special Michael Costello transparent dress that took a look at his toned legs. The fur showing the impressive number, cute pink pedicure with fur black strappy shoes. They cost 170 dollars. Beauty wore a sequined dress that is connected to the neck and matched with the net sky high platforms that cost 180 dollars. This comes after a gold necklace that syllabs Ben with a heart necklace on Tuesday evening. Bronx -born beauty was wearing a white towel around her chest because she said 'jumping out of the new shower'. His mother Teenage Twins Max and sucking weren't wearing a make -up place, and after using Jlo shimmering skin serum, he said he felt his skin looks much better. Lopez promotional video Instagram'a 'I jumped out of the shower and I thought, my God, my skin looked really good today. Some days you have better skin days than others' he said. In the last few days, the skin care routine is 'lazy' because it was 'really busy', he said. Then he began to use it and used the Jlo Glow skin serum and 'the difference is too deep', adding at night and morning. There is nothing that Aşk Singer claims that the products claim that the products will tighten the skin and smooth the lines. In December, Lopez was seen on a creamy champagne beige silk pajama set while talking about products from the line in a video on Instagram. Great Gams Lopez, a special Michael Costello transparent dress matched with furry black strap numbers costing $ 170, looked very thin when working Careful and stony Hitmaker on the ground, the long hairbar, diaphragm revealing and connecting to his neck with a sequined dress in another appearance. Colorful Hunting rifle wedding actress looked very thin and wore the long hairbar with flat, naked tone makeup He loves me Lopez was showing cute jewels on Tuesday evening Love of his life Let's Get Loud Singer modeled a gold necklace that spells Ben's new husband for his new husband Ben Affleck. One of them is' a highly effective body serum that reappears for 'brighter, brighter -looking look'. 'I use this every day in my legs, arms, my chest and stomach area' he said. 'It helps to reduce the appearance of skin pit and hardness for a more contour silhouette, while it is a proven high -performance formula that has immediately hydrated. Lopez insisted that body serum and body cream 'everything increases everything shimmering and confidence'.