After Smackdown's March 17, we are not closer to the picture of Rey Mysterio and Dominican Mysterio WrestleMania 39.During a segment of the ring, Dom tried to fight his father again. He rejected him again, and this time a match between them said he would be “shame .. This is still activated by Dom to enable Rey's Rey to accept the induction of WWE Honor hall, but still leaves at least one week's television time.He decided to have a match between La Knight. Kayla Braxton tries to interview with Knight after the last loss in the last show-playing scene-this Xavier Woods'a.So he can be a father. Rey did not like it, by gaining a slap and a threat to the knight ... He also gives us this for next Friday La, on a losing line that can continue here very well . After next Friday, we will see what the picture looks like ... Yes.