A local Los Angeles Meteorologist suddenly collapsed on Saturday morning when he was on live TV at a terrible moment. CBS Los Angeles Weather Woman Alissa Carlson Schwartz's joint operations cut him to deliver the weather report at 700 when he turned white and leaning forward to his desk. Schwartz tried to fix herself, but suddenly her eyes tumbled behind her head. His head slowly came to the fore until he almost hit the table. His common packaging Nichelle Medina and Rachel seem to not notice at the beginning. A few seconds later, Kim A "Oh!" Medina says to the audience, "We will take a quick break right now." Schwartz's joint operations did not realize what happened at the beginning. Yahoo! Entertainment “Yes, Kim Who agreed, while cutting the network ad. According to TMZ, the morning show did not return to a live segment. Schwartz then released on Facebook at 1430. "Good!" And he thanked friends and viewers for good wishes. Schwartz later on Facebook "Good!" Schwartz.alissa TMZ is not clear what Schwartz is working on another network in 2014, what caused what weaken. Schwartz vomited on the set during an weather report, and as a result, a leaking heart valve was diagnosed according to the output. CBS Los Angeles Vice President and News Director Mike Dello Stritto TMZ told him, “I would like to thank his colleagues who acted immediately to relieve Alissa and to search for 911.“ Alissa is currently being treated in the hospital.I hope we will know in a shorter time. Meanwhile, Alissa will be in our thoughts and we pray for him to feel much better." Gotopnews.com