The three zodiac signs, the wonderful March 19, 2023 horoscope, feel the beauty of the universe around them on Sunday. A lot happens at night while you are dreaming, and it evokes a strong sense of intuition and meaning throughout the day. The winged messenger and lord of the mind, Mercury crosses paths with Pluto in Capricorn, moving from Pisces to Aries. This is a similar aspect Venus made last week when Pluto was resting in the last degree of Capricorn and almost saying goodbye to every planet passing through the same place. Venus recently passed through the fateful final degree of Aries, while Mercury transited Pisces late at night, creating the feeling that you might wake up with something important on your mind today. Whether it's a dream, an emotion, or even an intuition, you may have a feeling about something that you think you want to do today and that has greater meaning. It may even mean knowing that something will happen soon that will change the timelines and possibly even further your conversion process. As Mercury moves from Pisces to Aries, it changes the nature of your thoughts and conversations from feeling too dreamy and confusing to expressing yourself without worrying about how it will be received by others. Of course, this may vary depending on where Pisces and Aries appear in your astrological chart, but overall, you should feel like you can express yourself more honestly right now. While there is a tendency to be more careful with your words, it's important to remember that during this time, you don't need to dilute your truth for anyone. And in fact, sometimes people only really hear you when you speak with transparency and a bit of audacity. The week ahead is monumental, to say the least. Not only is the equinox just around the corner and the start of the astrological New Year, but Mars will dramatically transition into Cancer and exhale as Pluto finally leaves Capricorn after a long fifteen-year cycle. In the coming days, the first of two Aries New Moons in a row will also occur, which is about taking those steps for that brand new chapter where Mercury is here in Aries to help. You can't be that concerned with other people's feelings when you're trying to create a whole new chapter based on your truth. Instead, it's about owning who you are, owning your dreams, your reality, and even your fears so none of them can be used against you by anyone else. Sunday is generally considered a rest day and in this case should also be used for planning purposes. Especially since no one currently living has experienced Pluto in Aquarius, we have no way of knowing what the next week's energy will do; however, you can focus on your own truth and what you believe. Because the more you honor divine downloads from the divine, the more in tune you will be with the universe. Three zodiac signs with awesome zodiac signs for March 19, 2023 1. Capricorn Pluto may work some magic for you in the final days of its stay in your sign, but you have to be willing to look at things from a unique perspective. Pluto in your sign brings up what you need to address within yourself, in life, and even in others so that you can live more authentically and correctly. As Venus and now Mercury cross paths with Pluto in the final degree of destiny, transformation and end zone, you can see how much has changed and start building the next chapter of your life. As Venus and now Mercury cross paths with Pluto in the final degree of destiny, transformation and end zone, you can see how much has changed and start building the next chapter of your life. Pluto in Capricorn will cross with Mercury in Pisces as soon as it moves into Aries, which will give you insight into what needs to be discussed to help you transform your growth into changes in your life. In Aries, it will join Jupiter focused on improving your home and family environment. You can use the energy available today to embrace those big and powerful conversations that can help you prepare for all the great days that come your way. When you understand what is holding you back, you are finally ready to move forward. 2. Aries Jupiter in your sign has been and will continue to be about expansion in your life this year, especially if you honor your truth. It is time to return to the warrior within you so that you can remember that you only live the life you desire if you work to create it. Jupiter will be in this place until May, which will not only help you regain your inner strength but also help you focus on what abundance means to you. Today Mercury joins Jupiter in Aries, bringing together the words to help you expand and create it. It's normal to go through stages in life where you doubt yourself or your ability to change things, but there is an incredible light around you and today is all about helping you see it for yourself. Try your luck today. Embrace your inner strength and speak with authority rather than doubt. Believe that you feel it for a reason and trust that everything will always turn out better than you planned as long as you stay true to yourself. 3. Fish Mercury finally leaves your sign today and moves into Aries, joining Jupiter and giving you the power of your words. Mercury is literally the planet that helps you transform your heart and dreams into existence, and while it may have a benefit in Pisces, you will now start to feel a difference with it in Aries. You should feel confident, more driven, and even ambitious when it comes to what you want to create next in your life. Mercury and Jupiter together in this part of your chart speak of financial abundance as well as contentment and love from living a life in harmony with your truth. Today is a great day to focus on what you want to create for the next phase of your life and where you still doubt yourself. Now that Saturn encourages seriousness and commitment in your sign, you will look at things very differently than you did last month. Capture this energy and make the most of it so that you can look at the choices you made with gratitude instead of regretting what you didn't do. Kate Rose is an author, spiritual astrologer, relationship and life coach, and motivational speaker. For more of her work, visit her website.