Boston - Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's 33rd anniversary of the museum on Saturday announced that it will be closed for the day. However, according to the museum, it had nothing to do with the anniversary of the closing, but it was about a protest that museum officials would harm the works of art. The museum will be closed on Saturday, March 18 due to unpredictable conditions.Tickets will receive additional information through E -Post. We apologize for the discomfort we have. "We have been informed that climate activists planned a protest that can put our community in our museum and our works of art at risk. After careful attention to the visitors, staff and artworks of the museum, and plenty of attention," he said. "Isabella Stewart Gardner designed its museum as a place of art, community and chat sharing. In addition to all art, especially the environment, especially horticulture, was an advocate of the environment, especially horticulture.""Although it is our duty to protect Isabella's values, we do not support such a tactic that targets art institutions and possibly risks the collection, staff and visitors of the museum." Louisiana was on holiday and there was no bad timer for an exciting family to see the museum. "We came from New Orleans," Jessica Defraites said. "I mean, he took a 30 -minute train to come here." All individuals who buy advanced tickets will be returned. We apologize for the discomfort given to our visitors, members and all our wardner community. The museum said that anyone with tickets for Saturday could choose another day to visit or completely repay. Orum I have been trying to see this museum for a while, but we will have to try it next time, Nad a visitor from Vermont Nadie Vanzandt said. Closing, Boston Police Officers' two security guards to enter the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum to enter the 33rd anniversary of thieves hidden because they convinced to enter the museum. Later, the museum was connected to the basement and the thieves escaped with 13 pieces of art. Rembrandt, Degas, Manet and Vermeer, including the works of the lost art is estimated to be at least $ 500 million. Frames remain in the museum. "Every year on March 18, the last eight or nine years, I come to look at the empty frames," visitor Michelle Dixon said.Said. The museum offers a $ 10 million award for any information that leads to the return of stolen work.