A week after ventilation, the 95th Academy Awards continue to examine the critics for the handling of the very anticipated song “Naat u naat u ın of the hit song“ Naat u naat u ın from the international film sensation RRR.L.A.Times, as reported according to Indiewire and more, the performance of “naat u naat u ış came under fire to add full zero dancers of South Asian origin, although Indian filmmakers came from a film about Indian.It was largely informed by their styles. In the beginning, it did not have to be in this way, Oscar producers were actually the stars of the film to revive the high -energy dance wars from the 2022 film N. T. Rao Jr.And Ram Charan approached. However, both men were uncomfortable with the short -time window they would have to master in the Oscar version of the dance.It was reported that they hired the dancers they knew to realize the piece, including. The Oscar version of the dance is technically in the film - mostly NTR JR.And Charan's characters dancing from a lot of airless British white men - even though it is more diverse than the more diverse version, Daoscars still calls for the opportunity to have more South Asian artists in such a big scene.Kazi asked in an Instagram post before the performance . Meanwhile, dancer Achinta S. Mcdaniel could not break the words, the variety, “Some people 'just be happy that we have' and this [problem] partBeing happy with the Fikrisana of accepting the scrap thrown, the Indian song was nominated [and won].”Several critics also drew contrasts between the performance of the“ Naatu Naatu ”performance and the performance of“ Jai Ho ,, from Slumdog millionaire in 2009 Oscar." So far, the Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences has not yet made an official statement in response to criticism. Gotopnews.com