At the beginning of this week, Willow - Ron Howard and George Lucas's 1988 fantasy epic will be canceled after a single season in Disney+.In a world that can say that it can be revived even to the technology that does not exist when you first hit it, it has returned to these reports. In a long letter published on Twitter this week, the muscle accepts the main point that initiated the reports of Willow's the release of the cast from the contracts of the cast, usually indicates that a show does not have a progress plan at any time in the production. Çekim Acknowledging that the production of flow shows is slowing down in the whole industry because of much larger and more complex powers than I understand exactly than I understand," However, in spite of all this, it is not just a pause from the muscle and is not a real cancellation, because what is 12 months old?Between the 3rd season? 4 years. Your enthusiasm seasons had a 6 -year search for 8 and 9 years.”This ignores the percentage of“ Hiatus ”and the shows that remain there, but shows that it has at least some continuous support from muscle, Disney and Lucasfilm (who is to be fair, usually the of for a TV show“We were very happy to work with you.