As a series of entrepreneurs and investors in ABC's "Shark Tank", Barbara Corcoran is much more busy than most people.But it will always spend time for the morning routine.Corcoran says to CNBC Make It IT, "Routine is no different from the insignificant days."Having a routine one morning is a real way to increase productivity, increase energy and increase your chances of success.Here are the three applications of Barbara Corcoran for a fertile day. 1. Gives priority to exercise Three days a week, he says he worked with his coach before he goes to work in the morning."This is what saves me. For my mental situation rather than my physical health," Corcoran says.Corcoran's emotions are supported by science.In fact, according to research, only 10 -minute physical activity can be more happy every week. This is the one who saved me.For my mental situation rather than my physical health.Barbara Corcoran Real Estate Entrepreneur and "Shark Tank" star According to a study November 2022 at Nature Communications, engaging with physical activity can increase your vigilance for the next day."The higher the amount of physical activity, the next day you feel awake and alert."Raphael Vallat is a post -doctoral researcher at the Human Sleep Science Center at U.C.Berkeley describes CNBC Make It It. 2. Dress up for success and go to work early As a "early shield", Corcoran goes to the office after the morning exercise sessions "I go to my office early because I do my best job before noon."It also aims to dress well to add some mobility to your days, which can help your self -confidence.According to Tess Brigham, a psychotherapist, wearing things that make you feel strong is a great way to look confident and feel."You can increase your performance and increase the impressions of other people about you," Brigham says. 3. Organizes its duties in order of importance "There is something I do every night for a successful day," Corcoran says."I will never go to bed without a list of things to do the next day."However, for a trouble -free day, it groups their duties according to the categories of importance "A" tasks are not the things you've never wanted to do ", but it is essential and must be done These things that carry your job forward, things you don't want to face [and] things you really need to say,even expel people, "he says."B" and "C" elements are everything else, but less important than "A" tasks.Corcoran says, "I'm going to the next morning [and] I get my A's.""Because I know that I can postpone the whole day by not doing A's. But if I postpone B and C, it doesn't mean much."