Senator Ted Cruz called the Texas State bar carefully think about the conformity of some Stanford University Faculty of Law after the protest after a protest of a conservative judge on campus. Cruz, in the letter to Texas officials, Cruz, the US for the fifth period of the Court of Appeal for the Circuit Judge Kyle Duncan'ın protesting the appearance of the students who protested the appearance of "appropriate law" in Texas, said a "basic" question about whether. “The idea that future lawyers will find acceptable to harass and insult to harass and insult, and whether these students will seriously question the role of a judge or the temperament of the law” on Thursday, the Chief of Texas Nathan Hecht and Texas Legal Exams Board Augustin AugustinHe said in his letter to Rivera. “Indeed, the vigil of anger of these students, the fairly question about whether they are reliable to defend the customers who may have different ideological views, öyle he wrote. Duncan visited the Stanford Law School to participate in an event called Fifth Circuit Covid, Guns and Twitter at the meeting with the Supreme Court. Cruz said that Duncan did not have the opportunity to “shout” by Stanford students. Stanford's student newspaper Stanford Daily reported that the audience protested the appearance of Duncan before and during Duncanfended. Cruz shouted that the protesters constantly interrupted Duncan, called him racist, and shouted “raw sexual slurry”. Stanford Daily reported that the dean of the Faculty of Law condemned the protest to the school community with an e -mail and did not comply with the “free speech commitment” of the institution. “The school examines what is going on and that it will work to ensure that the protocols are in place so that the interruptions of this nature will not be realized again, and it depends on the execution of events in a consistent manner with the policy of deterioration and free speech. Cruz, Texas Board of Directors in 2023, 2024 and 2025 Stanford Law Faculty for the students who graduated from the Faculty of Law should "pay particular attention" said. “Texas people deserve the best defenders as their lawyers, and those who scream and call for names to do their case are far from the best.”