Drivers injured in more than 50 vehicles in I-96 According to Michigan State Police, the first intervention teams are at a pile located on Saturday, which is believed to be among the 50-100 vehicles in Western Michigan on Saturday following the reports of the white exit conditions before the accidents. According to the State Police, the Pile Grand River Avenue and Portland in Portland in Portland in Portland, Portland, the East of the East of the Interstate 96 took place in length of five miles. According to the state police, injuries were reported, but the authorities were not sure how violent they were. According to a tweet, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Transport, reported the closure of the highway near EXIT 73. I-96 will be affected to the west and the east. Portland Regional Fire Brigade Authority took the facebook page at 1640. Firefighters, "I96'de 77 mm up to 72 mm up to 50 traffic accidents are working."Said. Police, since the mass collision has been cleaned with the sunny sky since then, he said. This is a developing story. Go back to DetroitNews for lengths.