Cnn - Republican MPs in Kentucky have crossed a bill that prohibited the gender care of non -transgender disregards, allowed educators to allow the wrong Gender students to allow students to discuss sexual orientation or gender identity with students of any age. If it is applied, the bill will prohibit gender care for minors, such as surgical procedures or use of certain hormones, and it will require health care providers to set a timeline or determine the timeline for patients who already have such maintenance. For transsexual students, the emotional debate on gender care has become a political glare point, especially among conservatives. Senate Bill 150, a democrat who expresses the opposition of the measure Gov.He was delivered to Andy Beshear's office. At a press conference at the beginning of this month, Beshear reduced the state legislative council because it focused on the problem of cultural wars and forced them to increase the teacher's wage and try to expand their health services to the inhabitants. Beshear showed survey showing that the medical decisions of the majority of Kentubans should be left to parents and their families. “No, the great government will tell you the best for your children, Bes Beshear says on March 2," Frankfort says, "No, the great government will tell you the best of your children."As a parent, I think this is wrong, Bes Beshear said on March 2. Speaker Pro Temporate Representative David Meade , "This is not important to me when it comes to the questionnaire because I believe this is the right thing," he said.This is the right thing to do for children." The Kentucky branch of the American Union of Civil Freedoms made a statement that the legislation ran to the parliamentary floor after a hasty committee hearing, which was begging and begging for the lives of Trans Kentuckians and begging for the translation of the transparent care for trans access. “The SB150 covers a series of new laws among the most extreme anti-transactions in the United States, Kent Kentucky Aclu said that fighting the prohibition in the court is“ ready ”if it becomes a law. The Trevor project, which is a suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people, said the prevalence of the s of suicide among LGBTQ youth. Troy Stevenson, Director of State Defense Campaigns for the Trevor Project, said, “It is terrible to see that Kentucky deputies worked very hard on the dangerous legislation that will be damaged by young LGBTQ Kentuckian.In a transmitter, approximately one of the 4 transsexual and impartial youth in the state made suicide attempts."