March Madness officially continues at full speed and after two crazy days of the first round of the 2023 NCAA Tournament, we already stayed on 32 teams and now the remaining contestants are prepared to divide half in the next two days.With eight teams, he punched tickets for Sweet 16. Saturday's action, this year's NCAA tournament will put an official bow for the first full weekend of the second round of the second round of the game, and the document in the deck figures, action.Bir 2nd round in the game for more than twenty years as the shortest favorite of the seed KansasIn a semi -way environment overlooking the seed number 9 in Birmingham, the number 1 seed Houston and many appetizing pairing maps that can deliver. Of course, taking an extra skin in games can help you put you in the tournament spirit .can offer help. While surviving and moving forward, we care about whether these teams will cover the spread of these teams, and we have watched the season since November to offer our own thoughts about each game. Live Updates Follow with live scores and emphasis on the second round of the NCAA Tournament on Saturday. For the scope of the NCAA tournament until the end of the Final Four, make sure you are faithful to the rest of the month. Rates through Caesars SportsbookAlways East The prominent NCAA tournament elite Tennessee etc. DUKE Saturday, 14 40CBS, March Madness Live Duke, the winning line to extend the winning line to 10 games, the seed number 12 exploded Oral Roberts and the thing that looks like a movement in a wide open eastern region burned.Duke -3 can be attractive. Tennessee, with a large number of crime struggles, has a talented defense that can hold it to a single ownership in the number and finally. Parrish Norlander Palm Boone Cobb Patterson Duke -3.5 Duke -3.5 Duke -3.5 Tenn +3.5 Duke -3.5 Duke -3.5 Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke Kansas etc. Arkansas Saturday, 17 15CBS, March Madness Live This has been the shortest favorite for a seed number 1 in the 2nd round match since 1996 and the history of short favorites who move away against the spread is not encouraging. With a balanced defense and guard heavy attack attackArkansas is equipped to eliminate this tendency with a very good match with Arkansas. Parrish Norlander Palm Boone Cobb Patterson spread Houston etc. Auburn Saturday, 19 10TBS, March Madness Live AAC tournament after aggravating the team's first round of the team's first round game Houston's leading striker Marcus Sasser in addition to a permanent groin injury, Cougars is dealing with the knee injury of Jamal Shead.Houston.Coach Kelvin Sampson said in a statement on Friday, both of them are expected to give a chance, but at what level they will be effective. Inspection concerns, although they are in Birmingham, provides me to get 5.5 points with Auburn, this will play an effective home game.AUBURN +5.5 Parrish Norlander Palm Boone Cobb Patterson AUB +5.5 Hou -5.5 AUB +5.5 AUB +5.5 AUB +5.5 AUB +5.5 Hou Hou Hou Hou Hou Hou Hou Hou UCLA etc. northwest Saturday, 20 40TNT, March Madness Live UCLA dominated UNC-Asheville in the first round match and did not slow down from the absence of the best defender Jaylen Clark for the season.I think.