The dreams of a Odell Beckham Jr.'s reunification with the New York Giants have been cut off. New York signed a two -year contract on Friday, which is a potential Odell Beckham Jr.ESPN, Beckham " price range" Beckham also sent a social media post on Saturday, wondering that he wanted $ 20 million per season. Beckham did not play while getting rid of a torn ACL last season, but visited more than one team in search of a multi -year agreement. He did not understand this agreement, but he worked for at least 12 teams this week. When Beckham last played a game, Los Angeles helped Rams win the Super Bowl. Beckham made 288 yard captures and two touches in the match after four seasons and made a goal in 52 yards and a goal in Super Bowl LVI with a knee injury, which cost 2022 season. As a giant meeting emerges, it is expected to be many teams interested in Beckham because it is one of the best transition hunters in the free agency.